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Tips For Doing Dog Clicker Training Properly

Dog clicker training is defined as an animal behavior method that is based on scientific studies in the behavioral psychology of animals.  The clicker is used to mark approved behavior by emanating a short, but distinct clicking sound when the dog does what he is supposed to do.

It is said that when combined with positive reinforcement, the clicker makes for a safe, effective way to teach your dog the behaviors that you feel they should learn. This, of course, only works with what the animal is physically and mentally capable of learning. Below find some simple tips to get your dog on the road to behavioral success.

Use Small Treats

When your dog behaves in a way that is positive, release the clicker so that it makes that two-toned click. Once your pet hears that click, then it is time to reward him with a treat.

It is important, however, to keep the treats small. In the beginning, use a treat that is delicious for your pet, like a sliver of roasted chicken, instead of using a dry piece of kibble that the pet gets on a regular basis.

Click During The Desired Behavior

It’s important to know when to use the clicker if you expect good behavior to be learned. The timing of that click is very important to the success you are hoping for. Click during the behavior you are expecting, not after.

Don’t be alarmed if your pet stops the desired behavior after he hears the click. Give the treat after the click sounds, not before or during the behavior.

Begin With Simple Training

As with any other type of training with your dog, try not to start out with complicated tasks. Start with easy tasks, such as sit, roll over, or having the pet come to you.

Keep Practice Short

Instead of putting your dog through an hour long session of behavioral training with the clicker, try working it into your daily routine. Much more can be accomplished if your pet isn’t bored. Try three, five-minute sessions in a day and you will see dramatic results.

Don’t Wait For Perfect Behavior

Remember pets, just like humans, are never going to be perfect. Don’t wait for perfect behavior from your pet before clicking and treating. For example, if you want your pet to sit and he crouches in the back, clicking will show him that he is making some form of improvement. Remember, slow and steady wins the raise, even with training a pet.

Have Fun With Training
Remember, even though you are expecting certain behavior from your puppy or dog, it is important to have fun with it as well. Clicker training can be a fun game for you and your puppy if done the right way.

From having fun with your training to using small treats for rewards, dog clicker training has been proven to be an effective, humane way to train animals in the way they should go. While the clicker will not need to be used for every behavior forever, it is a great place to start.

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